November Video Song Pack

This song pack contains songs that have November-themed content (i.e. The First Thanksgiving, turkeys, etc.)

Cost to download this video pack: $4.75

Downloading Instructions:
Create a username/account for Harry Kindergarten. Now that you have an "account" or "username" you'll sign in at the bottom right hand corner of my website page where it says "Login." Once you are logged in, this link (in the bottom right hand corner) will turn into a "My Stuff" link. This is where you'll find all of your purchased content. Once inside of "My Stuff," click on each piece of content (song, video, etc.) that you've purchased individually and download it by clicking the save button (looks like a floppy disk icon) in the top left hand corner of each song. I have also created a pdf document with screen shots, for those who are more visual in nature. This can be found during the payment process OR when you click on my "About" page on the left-side tabs of my website.

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